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Philip moderating Nature at Work panel at SXSW 2019 with Rolando Balli, Kathy Zarsky and Liz Elam

Philip moderating Nature at Work panel at SXSW 2019 with Rolando Balli, Kathy Zarsky and Liz Elam

In March of this year, Nature at Work featured prominently in several SXSW sessions, as reported in  And, we’ve lined up an even more impressive range of speakers for next year.

Want to know more about where the biggest benefits of nature show up, then vote for following sessions:

Without a doubt, Nature’s biggest contributor is in Health and Karen Van Ruiten, Program Director of the Dutch All is Health, has organized HEALTHY WORK: FROM OFFICE INSIDE TO OUT OF OFFICE with

  • Ida Damen, PhD candidate, University of Technology Eindhoven

  • Philip Vanhoutte, Founder, Ozadi

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It’s important that Nature’s power is appreciated in the forming years and Janis Bookout from Workable World, will emphasize this at THE FUTURE OF LEARNING IS BIOPHILIC

  • Amy Stansbury,

  • Rolando Balli, Ozadi

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But talent needs to keep blossoming after the student years. Liz Elam, Boss Lady of GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) will cover how the Nature footprint is rising in Coworking Spaces in FUTURE PROOF YOUR TALENT GARDEN with

  • Philip Vanhoutte, Founder, Ozadi

  • Ashley Proctor, Founder, Creative Blueprint

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It`s great to learn from Marvy Rieder, Founder of The Model's Health Pledge, that models also have discovered the power of Nature and are teaming up to spread the word in 24/7 ONLINE HEALTHY? DIGITAL SKILLS TO DISCONNECT with

  • Karen van Ruiten, Programdirector, All is Health

  • Lea Bouwmeester, Owner, Lea Bouwmeester

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The best way to stimulate new Nature at Work habits is to have nature integrated in your built environment.  Three sessions cover this in good detail.

You can achieve great impact with modest investments bringing sensory nature  experiences into your workspace, as will be covered in BIOPHILIC DESIGN: SPRUCE’N UP THE WORKSPACE by

  • Rolando Balli, Founder, Ozadi

  • Cathy Hoffman, Director of Marketing, Ambius, Ambius

  • Roger Bensinger, Executive Vice President, Prolitec, Inc.

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Want to have a good overview how technology is facilitating nature’s entry into the workplace then look forward to Rolando`s NATURE TECH - TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE WORKPLACE with global authorities such as

  • Bill Browning, Founding Partner, Terrapin Bright Green

  • Timothy McGee, Founder, LikoLab

  • Starla Simmons, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas - Austin

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 And realize that a new generation of education facilities is around the corner in


  • Jim Determan, Principal, Architect, CRAIG GAULDEN DAVIS

  • Bill Browning, Founding Partner, Terrapin Bright Green

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We also worked to cover the most popular fields where Nature has tremendous impact

Continuing from this year, we will stress how Nature remains the best inspiration for creativity. John Rich, Vice President, FutureX Labs will be joining Bart Cleveland, Audrey Boring and Rolando Balli in THE CREATIVITY TOOLBOX – TOOLS FOR INNOVATIVE WORK

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There is growing evidence that some of the best meetings can be enjoyed outdoors. Jessica Tunon, Founder/CEO of Netwalking®, LLC will cover this in THE BEST MEETING EVER IS AROUND THE BLOCK with

  • Asha Aravindakshan, Sloan Fellow, MIT

  • Martine de Vaan, respectively Innovation Manager and Founder of Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and Weeting

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We will also bang the drums to bring nature’s energy to bigger work gatherings in FROM STUFFY CONFERENCES TO INCLUSIVE TRIBE JAMMING with

  • Philip Vanhoutte, Founder, Ozadi

  • Jitske Kramer, Corporate Anthropologist, speaker, facilitator, author, Human Dimensions

  • Karen van Ruiten, Program Director All is Health, All is Health

  • Charles Kergaravat, Head of International Marketing, KLaxoon

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So there you have it, a great number of well considered topics to inspire the Nature at Work movement!

It’s time for the Nature of Work to be Working with Nature.

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