Why Ozadi?


Our goal is to improve the health and productivity of individuals, teams and organizations through advocacy, education, and guidance. We help you use nature as a transformative tool for a more successful work life.


Benefits of Working with Nature


Ninety-five percent of our day is spent indoors. This habit traps us into being less productive and less happy. The answer? Bring nature into your workday. Or, as we like to say, “Go Ozadi!”



Increase your work performance

A study by The University of Kansas and The University of Utah revealed that nature enhances focus.   


Being outside reduces stress and improves health

Research suggests working outdoors is not only beneficial to creativity and productivity but to human health.


Enhance your creativity

In a Stanford University study, participants working outside for 15 minutes came up with 3X the ideas of participants indoors.

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Make nature a part of your everyday work habits.


Go “Ozadi” each day to reach new heights of creativity, productivity, and personal well-being.

Going Ozadi creates nature-work habits, which soon become your natural way to work and live. Find more information by clicking the How to Ozadi box below.


Go Ozadi Today.