How to Ozadi


The Ozadi Method™ of working with nature

The Ozadi Method changes the way you work and live through a progression of integration with nature. We recommend incorporating the following three new habits: Break for nature during the workday, integrate nature into your work, and embrace nature beyond work. Below are suggestions on how to do each.


Break for nature during the workday


Habit 1: Nature Breaks


Ever wonder why being outside makes you feel good? Taking a walk in nature and observing nature reduces stress and heart rate. Use all of your senses to take in the elements: fresh air, foliage, wildlife, water, and sky. Standing, and especially walking, provide additional health benefits during these breaks.


Each hour

Take a 5-minute break using nature, whether it's gazing outside or going outside for a breath of fresh air.


Twice a day

Take morning and afternoon 15-30 minute nature breaks. Use your lunch break for an opportunity to use the outdoors to re-energize.


Integrate nature into your work


Habit 2: Integrate more nature into your work

Most work that you do in an office can be done outdoors. Below is a list of types of work that you can take outdoors.



We all have books, articles, blogs, etc. we want/need to read to maintain our edge in our work. The right outdoor environment will facilitate maximum focus.



Processing email may feel mundane and becomes more pleasant when outdoors. Email tasks do not always require connectivity to WiFi. Do it outdoors to be more productive and enjoy minimal distractions.



Authors, Artists and Creatives go to nature to be inspired to do their best. Do your writing tasks in nature and discover how much more productive and innovative you can be.




Nature helps us escape distraction and calms our emotions. When meeting with someone, take a walk while you talk or make your call. Holding a meeting outside invigorates conversation.




Studies prove that nature stimulates creativity. Adding colleagues to outdoor creative sessions multiplies your innovation.



Embrace nature beyond work


Habit 3: Embrace nature into your life.

Your life can be enriched by prioritizing your life-experiences around nature, from the everyday to well-planned adventures with family and friends.



Enjoy outdoor activities like walking, running, biking


Plan weekend trips into nature such as hiking, camping, boating, or destination day trips to nature preserves and other places in nature you can experience.


Plan a weeklong journey to a location that rewards through thorough exploration. State and national parks,


Enjoy using vacation time for a multi-week adventure. Consider things that will enrich your life with experiences such as travel packages that feature exotic and natural locations, volunteer participation in activities such as nature conservation projects.


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