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Liz Elam’s Opening Remarks

Liz Elam’s Opening Remarks

On April 15-17 Ozadi Founders Rolando Balli and Philip Vanhoutte attended the Global Coworking Un-Conference Conference (GCUC) in Denver, Colorado. 

Fellow SXSW Panelist and founder of GCUC, Liz Elam, invited Ozadi to share our movement at this conference focused on sharing best practices and advancing the impact coworking can have on building community within the workforce. Liz has been advocating for Vitamin N (Nature) to be an integral part of coworking as she envisions that coworking can not only create community, but can enhance wellness within those communities. It is for that reason that Liz asked Philip to be the Keynote Presenter at GCUC 2019.  

Philip’s keynote focused on Vitamin N and key ingredients that coworking operators should be focusing on.  Those five ingredients are Acoustics, Activity Based Working, Nature Habits at Work, Talent Gardening, and Workplace Experience Benchmarking. 


Philip’s Keynote was well received and highly rated amongst the attendees.  Other great topics that day included a panel on Women to Watch, Research Roundtable, Designing to Differentiate and other great topics. 

The second day of the Un-Conference was about attendees creating the sessions they were interested in discussing with fellow attendees. This was my first un-conference, so I was able to experience the chaos and the art of having conference attendees choose and vote on topics they wanted to discuss, all this occurred within 30 minutes. Ozadi was asked to give a workshop on how nature can impact the coworking community. Philip and I decided this was the perfect time to give the audience an appetizer of our first education product. We engaged the audience in exercises that reconnected them with their love of nature and tested their knowledge of the benefits nature at work can have on productivity and wellness. Ozadi also offered up an opportunity for coworking operators to market test our education sessions, of which we had much interest.

With the positive feedback Ozadi received at GCUC, there is tremendous opportunity in the growing coworking market as they possess agility and desire to impact their respective communities and members.  Ozadi is excited to collaborate with our coworking communities to advance wellbeing and effectiveness at the workplace through nature. We are already starting to engage with coworking owners and operators on testing our education sessions with their staff and members! 

We will keep you updated on our journey to integrate nature in to the culture of coworking.

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