4 Winter Hacks

4 Hacks for Working Outside in Winter

Can you spot our hacks for working outdoors?

Can you spot our hacks for working outdoors?

The Polar Vortex has passed and for some, temperatures are getting back to normal this time of year.  For those of us that have a case of the winter blues and need our outdoor nature fix, this article is for you.  

I frequently meet up with friends and fellow Ozadi Inspirers, Jill and Morgan, to co-work at local coffee shops with outdoor venues. One sunny day after a dreary winter spell, Jill, Morgan and I got together to co-work at the Medici Cafe in Clarksville, near downtown Austin.  We chose to sit outside as it was crowded inside and the sun was shining bright. The temperature was in the low 60’s Fahrenheit, with a bit of a cool breeze.  The cafe’s outdoor seating area consisted of beautiful benches made of blocks of stone and concrete tables. My first thought was “Oh our rumps are going to get cold sitting on those cold benches. But my friend Morgan took her laptop out of her neoprene laptop sleeve and used the sleeve as padding and insulation for her to sit on.  I thought that was a brilliant idea! I took my light jacket off, folded it, and used that to block the cold and pad my rump from the stone bench.  

Ozadi Winter Outdoor Hack #1: Got a cold seat, sit on your neoprene laptop cover or your jacket.

Morgan then proceeded to position herself where she could use the sun’s rays on her back and use her own shadow to block the sun from her laptop screen on this cloudless, yet cool day.

Ozadi Winter Outdoor Hack #2:  Want to soak up the sun and reduce screen glare? Sit with the sun on your back and use your body to shade the screen.

While there was not a cloud in the sky, the remnants of the prior cold front was still moving out.  There was just enough of a cool breeze to give you the chills (hence the term ‘wind-chill’). Luckily the building of the the cafe protected from the outdoor area from the cool breeze.

Ozadi Winter Outdoor Hack #3: Use a building, wall, vehicle, or shrubs to block the wind.

Jill wanted to elevate her laptop on the bench for better ergonomics. She pulled out a book from her backpack and used it to enhance the position of her laptop so she would be more comfortable position to work. I once used a package of Costco Toilet paper that was in the bed of my truck to make an impromptu standup desk on the tailgate of my truck. It was too cold to work comfortably in my shaded outdoor work area, but in the warmth of the sun where my truck was parked, I was able to be productive, ergonomic and warm.

Ozadi Winter Outdoor Hack #4: Use your books, backpack or other items to elevate your laptop for better ergonomics to work on your laptop when sitting or standing outside. 

As always, be sensible when working outside. Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Pick locations that are conducive to the type of work you want to complete. For more information on working outdoors for, visit Where to Ozadi.

What are some of your favorite hacks for working outside?  

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