Welcome to Ozadi!


Ozadi is a movement that is out to change the nature of work through integrating more nature into our work. 

Multiple studies have shown the health benefits of spending time with nature: From walking outside to getting views of natural settings, being with nature can impact wellness, happiness, creativity and productivity.

But we don’t need the research to tell us that being with nature makes us feel better.  Intuitively, we know that being outside in a beautiful natural environment invites a sense of freedom, aliveness, gratefulness and joy.  

Yet, most people spend the majority of their working hours (this includes preparation to work, commuting, etc.) indoors. Thus, integration of nature into people’s lives is mostly outside work hours and during weekends, if at all.  If science and our intuition indicate that nature is good for us, then why aren’t more of us leveraging nature’s power during the workday?

Office work needs a breath of fresh air!

The name Ozadi was derived from the combination of two Basque words: Osatu (n. complete; v. integrate) and Izadi (nature).  The Basque region is where Rolando walked the Camino de Santiago, his tipping point for blending nature into work. 

Ozadi is all about helping professionals be healthier, happier, and more productive through the intentional integration of nature into work habits.  We plan to work through advocacy, education and services that enable professionals, employers and their associates to enhance business and personal outcomes by leveraging the power of nature.  We will showcase inspiring people, volunteer nature at work habits, followed by training and other value-add services in the months to come. 

But you don’t have to wait until 2019 to start integrating Nature into your work habits.  If you want to get going visit www.ozadi.net to get free guidance on how to start integrating more nature into your work routines.  We are also recruiting Inspirers to share best practices; if you are interested in being showcased or want to connect with us directly to get more information on Ozadi, contact via info@ozadi.net.

It’s time for the nature of work to be Working with Nature.

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Be the movement that changes the way the world works!