Nature Resolution

Started the year well? Cool ambitions, nice plans?
How many times did you get prompted to call out your 2019 priorities and focus?
Or are you beyond all this? Maybe short of inspiration?

Chances are that nature should be part of your 2019 Resolution(s) …

Let’s face it, most of us could do with a bit more nature, not just at leisure, but during work.
And wanting to work with nature is one thing, establishing a habit is a bit harder.
That’s why we will launch the Ozadi Nature at Work Habit Training before Spring kicks in.

More about that soon!

But you don’t have to wait to get going. On you get an overview of nature habits that you can immediately start with.  Curious about mine? I’ve groomed them over the past years as follows:

-        Nature Calling: this year we’ll celebrate Bluetooth’s 25th anniversary and headsets have gone from an oddity to stylish communications and entertainment gadgets. They have set us free to enjoy high definition dialogues with family, friends and customers just about anywhere.  So for over a decade, I’ve taken to have anything from casual to critical calls during a gentle walk.  I make sure to plan the walk in areas where I won’t bother others …  because I am ‘on my own’ I can be really engaged in deep listening or powerful articulation or something useful. Whilst on the road, I will search for a path or park that is along my travel journey that is new to me … it provides fresh stimulation and often nice discoveries boosting the call’s impact.

-        Nature Breaks: half-day meetings are standard with many organisations, be it for weekly gatherings, monthly updates or quarterly reviews.  The afternoon sessions are often challenging as we typically experience a dip 8 hours after we woke up. That means that attention is hard to maintain. The solution: mid afternoon ‘lets go out together for a walk’ … Not just 15min … grab a full hour.  You will mix/mingle with colleagues to discuss how you can support each other on a critical topic PLUS you’ll be curious to get to know a bit more about the ‘individual behind the co-worker’. 

I am sure you’ll like the benefits and will be grateful. In such case let us have some anecdotes.  That’s what we need most now to convince people to adopt nature at work.  Allow me then to some Calls to Action:

-        If you read this and have been nodding in agreement then you are already on board and have established satisfying nature at work habits. PLEASE share them with others directly or volunteer to feature as an Inspirer in our Gallery by writing to

-        If you’re a team or project leader, you have the power to design nature into work routines.  Grab the opportunity and reap the benefits.  If you feel a broader program is needed, we’ll be happy to inspire and guide you, just let us know at

-        And for all of you … we all have friends and family for whom a listening ear is most welcome.  Be generous and offer them a walk in nature.  Walking in the same direction - whilst not necessarily staring each other in the face - can do magic to listen, learn and support each other.

Go Ozadi in 2019!

It’s time for the nature of work to be Working with Nature.

Join the movement…

Share the movement….

Be the movement that changes the way the world works!